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Aluminium composite awning panels are tough, lightweight and with high thermal insulation values. They compose great degree of rigidity, stability and load bearing. Aluminium composite awnings are easy to use and only require a short time to be installed. They offer a wide range of surface finishes, hence, can also be used with other molds for the roof and allow the construction of striking architectural beauty. Besides that, aluminium composite awnings are excellent thermal insulators that can reduce the overall energy cost of heating and cooling. They offer long life application thus minimizing resource use. Aluminium composite awnings are preferred by many because not only they are very easy to mount on the building’s sub-structure, they are also arguably more affordable when compared to other options like site assembled panels. Most composite panels are manufactured in thicknesses that range from 30mm to 200mm depending on the application for which they are required and requested insulation properties. 


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